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Our online strategy focuses on meeting our user needs via community based information products & tools, data driven information services, vertical search products, including the leading B2B search engine, and online recruitment services.



RBI is leading the B2B sector by developing innovative Web 2.0 online services and tools across a range of vertical markets, backed by established brands, investment in technology and a strong focus on user experience. 

"RBI's award-winning websites and magazines offer exciting and challenging opportunities for journalists - it's a great place to start and build a career or to join to further your career"
Karl Schneider, Editorial Development Director

Our Editorial teams comprise many different types of staff:

  • Web Editors
  • Community Editors
  • Content Editors
  • Online Editors
  • News Reporters
  • Feature Writers
  • Sub Editors
  • Market Analysts
  • Production Editors
  • Designers
  • Art Editors
  • News Editors

At RBI we take your career very seriously. All managers are trained in the basic management principles, effective personal development for their team members and encouraged to carry out quarterly reviews to ensure staff are happy and working towards common goals. There are many editorial staff who have made their mark as senior managers and leaders, including current RBI board directors.


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